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Winner Films sehsüchte 2010

Best Feature Film (5,000 euros) – Otec (The Father) by Lukas Hanulak
Otec | Slovakia | 2009 | Lukas Hanulak | 43´
Jury Rationale

Best Feature Film under 25 Minutes (2,500 euros) - Siemiany by Philip James McGoldrick
Siemiany | Belgium/Poland | 2009 | Philip James McGoldrick | 18´40´´
Jury Rationale

Best Documentary (5,000 Euro) - Frauenzimmer by Saara Aila Waasner
Frauenzimmer | Germany | 2010 | Saara Aila Waasner | 74´
Jury Rationale

Best Dokumentary under 25 Minutes (2,500 euros) - Michael and his dragon by Briar March
Michael and his dragon | USA | 2010 | Briar March | 6´
Jury Rationale

Best Animated Film (2,000 euros) - Orsolya by Bella Szederkényi
Orsolya | Hungary | 2009 |Bella Szederkényi | 7´48´´
Jury Rationale

Cinematography Award (Equipment rental for film shoots valued at 5,000 euros) -
Catafalque (Cinematographer: Felix Striegel)
Catafalque | Austria | 2010 | Christoph Rainer | 12´
Jury Rationale

Editing Award (editing software valued at 2,120 euros) - Otec (The Father) by Lukas Hanulak
Otec | Slowakei | 2009 | Lukas Hanulak| 43´
Jury Rationale

Focus-Dialogue-Award (1,000 euros) - The Tunnel by Jenna Bass
The Tunnel | South Africa | 2009 | Jenna Bass | 25´
Jury Rationale

Producers Award (Postproduction goods and services valued at 12,000 euros) –
Live Stream by Jens Wischnewski
Live Stream | Germany | 2010 | Jens Wischnewski | 46´
Jury Rationale

Prize against Discrimination (500 euros) - Gurbet by Deniz Sözbir
Gurbet | Germany | 2009 | Deniz Sözbir| 43´
Jury Rationale

People's Choice Award (2,000 euros) – Vatermutterkind by Daniel Karl Krause
Vatermutterkind I Feature Film I Deutschland I 43'

Children’s Award (5,000 euros) – Mobile by Verena Fels
Mobile I Germany | 2010 | 6'24''

Play Award (1,500 euros) - Jani Volanen in Kukkulan Kuningas (On thin Ice)
Jani Volanen in „Kukkulan Kuningas“ (On Thin Ice) | 2009 | Alli Haapasalo | 60´

Music Video Award (500 euros) - Laokoongruppe „Walzerkönig“
Laokoongruppe „Walzerkönig“ | Austria | 2009 | Adnan Popvic | 5´
Jury Rationale

Screenplay Award (1,500 euros) - Grenzflimmern by Denijen Pauljevic (2010)
Jury Rationale

pitch! Award (Screenplay Development and Software) - „In deiner Haut“ and „Love Alien“
In deiner Haut » | Germany | Dorothee Fesel
Love Alien | Germany | Wolfram Huke

Jury Rationale

Start-Up-Preis (Trailer production of the Red Bull Tourbus) - Robosonic “Sprachfehler”
Robosonic „Sprachfehler“ | Germany | 2009 | Robert Gruss, Florian Leitl, Kristina Peter,
Sebastian Schierwater, Nils Strehlow

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention for the Screenplay „Paul Arschloch“

One could imagine a more inviting title for films, as well as less uninviting protagonists - Paul Arschloch is a tragic portrait of a typical modern anti-hero, a good-for-nothing, with whom it is difficult to identify. The achievement of writer Sebastian Heeg, who forms a cynical bond with his protagonist to his credit, is a brave consideration of the radically freedom-loving value orientation of his figure Paul, who loses sight of all means and ends within his lonely battle. ithout pounding the viewer with moral judgments, Sebastian Heeg almost pathologically dissects a predominant, dubious self-conception and succeeds at describing Paul’s downward spiral as gripping and consequential - it seems light as a feather, tragic and radical. The screenplay polarized even our jury - and that is by no means a bad thing! Thus there is an honorable mention for the author Sebastian Heeg.

Honorable Mention for „Noise“ by Esther Löwe

She shows that a film can also be a poem, written with a camera, light and sound, telling of love, loss, death and pain and of a memory that lives in bodies and rooms.
Esther Löwe richly creates using the artistic and technical possibilities of film and deals with her material creatively and poetically without bowing to the necessity of telling immediately understandable, linear, easily consumable stories. Her film demands that the viewer follow it, rather than providing them with easily-grasped entertainment.
And thus she has taken not a particularly easy path, but one that is worth it in the end, for it leads beyond the borders of the usual; there, where there is something new to be discovered, in the far, free spaces that give thoughts and images fresh air to breathe.

Honorable Mention for SHAHADA

The jury would like to honorably mention the production achievement by Leif Alexis on the film Shahada. An exceptional film which was obviously produced with great passion. From the earliest stages of script development, to the financing, shooting, post-production, all the way to the marketing, the producer sought the creative input of the director in all phases of the film’s creation. He also managed to master the exceptional challenges of an ensemble film with its multitude of actors and motifs, as well as the cooperation with co-producers, editors, sponsors and professors. He was constantly aware of what achievements he could demand from his team, and he always felt he needed to praise these achievements. Leif Alexis produced a film that impresses and which can be measured against international productions.

Honorable Mention for the Editing in the Documentary The Housmaid („Die Haushaltshilfe“) by Anja Hoffmann.

The editor Lena Rem has cut together a suggestive narrative that never lets you go from the partially observational and partially pre-arranged materials. The network of relationships between a lonely Polish housemaid and the old couple whom she cares for is dramatized in the editing through the framework of petty bourgeois life in a German small town via quasi-fictional methods. Congratulations for the captivating editing work!

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